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Under the Resistol: The Incredible Man Underneath the Hat

It all started when Ken Bray was around 9 years old. That was the first time he competed in a rodeo. Bray grew up around cattle and the ranch lifestyle, as his father was in the cattle business. “We were horseback from the time we were little kids,” Bray said. “We just loved everything about being a cowboy. This was way before cell phones and video games, so working and looking forward to the few rodeos a year was just what my two brothers and I did.” Bray remarked that rodeo when he grew up was nothing like it is today. He grew up in Dumas, Texas in the Texas Panhandle, where there were only three youth rodeo events a year. There was also no junior high rodeo program, so it went from youth

Region 6- Vaya Con Dios!

This virus that’s on all our minds makes us all think hard. We have questions. Some of us may think we have answers. Others don’t want to leave the house. We all want life back the way it was, but unfortunately that probably won’t happen any time soon. I love rodeo. But more than that, I love people. I miss seeing my friends. I’m sad that the state finals won’t be the same as in the past. I am also thankful for my health. My brother is a senior, so I am very thankful our leaders found a way to have the THSRA state finals in Abilene. With that, I want to thank the stock contractors, judges, volunteers, parents, coaches, leaders, and most of all, our secretaries. I’ve been blessed

McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family: Region VIII Koch Family

Congratulations to this month’s Farm and Ranch Family, the Kochs! In order for their ranch and irrigation company to be a success, everyone pitches in! Cody and Traci work alongside Cody’s parents, George and Karen, and two of their three kids, Wyatt (22) and Garrett (17). Their oldest daughter, Meaghan Koch-Timberlake, recently got married and works as a nurse practitioner in Hondo and Del Rio. The Rockin 7 Ranch has been in the Koch family for four generations now. In fact, Cody and Traci live in the house that was once Cody’s grandparents’ house. The cattle ranch, which is located in Hondo, Texas (Region 8), is primarily run by George and spreads over 2000 acres. It is also the headquarte

Whatakid of the Month: Region 8's Kate Aleese McNeill

Congratulations to the Whatakid of the Month, Kate Aleese McNeill! The recent Pleasanton High School graduate competes in the breakaway roping, pole bending and team roping at Region VIII. Kate has been a member of THSRA all four years of her high school career, and before that was a competitor in the junior high division. Throughout her time as a member, Kate said she has learned a lot of lessons that are applicable, both in and out of the arena. “My favorite part of the organization is how it expands outside of the area,” she said. “It teaches its members about leadership, responsibility and the importance of being there for one another. Texas High School Rodeo, and rodeo in general have t

Region V Report

My name is Tyce Scarber. I am 12 years old and I am the Secretary for Region V Rodeo. As with any sport, you work all season long with an end goal, whether it be that All Star Championship game in baseball, that State Championship in basketball, or to be a State or even National champion in rodeo. My goal this year was to be a State Qualifier in all my events and of course from there go on to Nationals. Finals weekend had a lot of things going on that we all enjoyed together. After Saturday’s performance, the rodeo families got together and cooked out. Lots of good times, good food and lots of laughs. We also do several fundraisers throughout the year such as plants sales, goat dressing

Texas Cowboys: Undefeatable as Ever!

My time as the Region VIII reporter is coming to a close, and I would like to take this auspicious moment to thank everybody for allowing me to represent them. I have had to take time and reminisce about the goods times that we have shared. There are moments that I wish would have gone on and on, the hearty laughter of close-knit family members and with caring buddies. Being a Region VIII member has been one of my best experiences. Importantly, I have learned many life lessons, such as respect, work ethic, and responsibility. For me, memories of THSRA Region VIII will never fade. I cannot utter a goodbye without batting an eyelid. Since I joined in, Region VIII has been my cherished family.

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