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Region 6- Vaya Con Dios!

This virus that’s on all our minds makes us all think hard. We have questions. Some of us may think we have answers. Others don’t want to leave the house. We all want life back the way it was, but unfortunately that probably won’t happen any time soon. I love rodeo. But more than that, I love people. I miss seeing my friends. I’m sad that the state finals won’t be the same as in the past. I am also thankful for my health. My brother is a senior, so I am very thankful our leaders found a way to have the THSRA state finals in Abilene. With that, I want to thank the stock contractors, judges, volunteers, parents, coaches, leaders, and most of all, our secretaries. I’ve been blessed to work with two of the best in the business this year. Mrs. Nena Boettcher and Mrs. Anne Dollery have made a huge impact on so many lives. If you’re in region 6, I’m betting you agree. With that, I’d like to spotlight our current Region 6 Secretary. Since I saw her at our last rodeo in March, she’s been working harder than any of us can imagine. She has to deal with stress, frustrations, all the same health concerns we all have, and still put on rodeos. She’s the TJHRA State Secretary as well, and the postponed Finals proves they are doing all possible to make it happen. Please enjoy learning more about her in the following interview, and make sure you tip your hat, smile, and give her a big hug the next time you see her. I know I will. Love ya Miss Anne!

Family members Names: Husband: Steve Dollery, Son and Daughter In Law: Shawn and Krystal, Youngest Son: Kody

Name of Children: Shawn Dollery - was in THSRA for 4 years and 4 years in NIRA, was a member of TYRA, YRA, CTYRA and CPRA.

Kody Dollery was on the first TJHRA National Team, THSRA for 4 years, 4 years in NIRA, was a member of TYRA, YRA, CTYRA and CPRA. Still is in the PRCA steer wrestling

Where do you live- My home is in Caldwell, Texas, but I work in Gonzales, Texas and stay in Gonzales quite a bit.

Where do you work: I work for the City of Gonzales, I also rodeo secretary for TJHRA, and TYRA, Region 9 TJRHA, and I finished out the year for Region 6 THSRA and TJHRA

Hobbies that you enjoy: I love watching rodeos!

How long have you been involved with high school rodeo? Seventeen years

What Region do you come from: I have been involved with several regions, my sons went to Region 7 and I was the secretary there then for THSRA and TJHRA, I have been the secretary at Region 8 JH, Region 9 JH and most recently Region 6 THSRA and TJHRA

How did you get involved in hs rodeo: Through my sons

Did you high school rodeo - no I married into the rodeo world! I showed heifers and steers.

What made you want to get involved with high school rodeo - I wanted to help when my kids were in it and I truly love doing my job as a rodeo secretary. I love being involved with the sport and I love to watch all my rodeo children move to the next arenas, it makes me so proud that I was a part of their beginnings in the rodeo world.

What is your favorite thing about HS rodeo: The rodeo families! They are the best

Do you have a favorite HS rodeo memory: Probably while my sons were in high school rodeo - I loved traveling with the whole family to rodeos. My boys won several things in their HS rodeo careers the biggest win would have been Kody's senior year when he won the Steer Wrestling Title for Texas

What would you like to see HS rodeo do in the next 5 years: I always want HS rodeo to grow. Rodeo is sort of going through some transitions right now with so many opportunities to win big money we are seeing a slight decline on the youth rodeo scene. I want to bring the youth rodeos numbers back up - I honestly believe there is a stepping ground in the rodeo world and you have to work your way up to the Pro level. I love that the PRCA is getting involved with organizations and promoting the youth rodeo more. I think this is going to help our numbers grow. Also the WCRA letting you nominate your rodeo to move into a bigger arena. I hope that more big time producers see that we all need to work together to grow our contestants up in a healthy family orientated association.

What do you think the biggest challenges are that face rodeo in general: Keeping their members! There are so many different things popping up and there is only so much money a person can spend on rodeo. So I hope that we can all work together and let our associations continue.

What advice would you give parents and THSRA members about how to best enjoy their HS rodeo experience: I would not trade all the years I had with my boys in THSRA! It was the best time of our lives. I would tell anyone that if they have opportunity to HS rodeo - go for it - your kids grow up fast and it will be the best memories you will ever have!

Thanks, God Bless, and Vaya con Dios!

Hadley Harris

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