Enriching the lives of Texas student rodeo athletes by preserving our western heritage through the sport of rodeo, promoting family values, and providing future opportunities through college scholarships.

The Solomon Family, Region VIII's McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family

Region VIII’s McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family is the Solomon Family. Mike and Brooke met in late 2003 and were married in 2008. They each brought a daughter to the family, Mika and Mackenzie. Mika is a college student in Uvalde and Mackenzie is a Junior in high school and competes in Region VIII. Mike raises and feeds cattle and prides himself in the preconditioning care he puts into his operation. Solomon Cattle Company is a 4 man/woman operation: Mike, Brooke, Mika and Mackenzie. Mike oversees the care of the cattle and does all the purchasing. Brooke tries to keep the books straight, which is sometimes a chore because Mike uses all kinds of tiny pieces of paper to write down notes for her.

Jordan Elysse Puig, Region VIII Whatakid

Congratulations to the Whatakid of the month, Jordan Elysse Puig! The Laredo, Texas and Region 8 native attends John B. Alexander High School as a senior. She has been a member of the Texas High School Rodeo Association for three years and competes in the barrel racing with her horse , Pancho. “He always has this calm, pleasant look in his eye and always nickers when I walk up to him,” Jordan said. “He puts his whole heart into each and every run, and I couldn’t ask for a better horse.” Jordan has been a THSRA state qualifier each year she has competed in the association, and she explained how her favorite part about the organization is the competitive atmosphere. “Everyone shows up to every

The Pineda Family, Region VII's McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family

Congratulations to McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of Region VII, the Pineda family, Victor and his wife, Margaret, and four-children Gideon, Woodrow, Cassidy, and Victoria. The family’s commercial cattle business has operated for the past twenty years under the name of Circle P, and is located in Caldwell, Texas. The Pineda family was quite surprised to hear that they had been nominated for this honor since relaying the fact that they actually only own about 20 head of cattle and a small spread of property. However, their overall ranching outfit has been entrusted to care for over 3,000 acres, over 900 head of cows, and sell over 75 heard bulls a year. Additionally, their two daughters, Cassi

Paige Dawson, Region VI Whatakid

Congratulations to Paige Dawson, the Whatakid of the month! The region six competitor is currently a senior residing in Burton, Texas. She has been a member of the Texas High School Rodeo Association four years now, and she explained how tough competition and a Christ-centered community of friends and family are her favorite parts of the organization. "It's a blessing to be surrounded by such amazingly talented and Christ-loving rodeo athletes," Paige said. Throughout her time spent as a member of the THSRA, Paige said she has learned quite a bit about responsibility, as well as, developed her ability to have a good mentality and positive attitude about things. "I feel like being a member of

The Eppright Family, Region VI's McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family

Congratulations to the Eppright's, the McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family of the month from Region VI. David, Tonya and Cullen Eppright began ranching in Gonzales and Atascosa counties in 1983; however, their ranch located in Atascosa County has been in operation since the 1880s. All three of the family members actively participate in operating and managing the ranches today. Their operations mostly consist of running steers year-round. Each family member has responsibilities of their own; however, the family said they come together when needed. Even though ranch work can be quite tasking, Tonya is a math teacher at Gonzales High School while David takes on the full-time position as ranch manager

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