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Paige Dawson, Region VI Whatakid

Congratulations to Paige Dawson, the Whatakid of the month! The region six competitor is currently a senior residing in Burton, Texas. She has been a member of the Texas High School Rodeo Association four years now, and she explained how tough competition and a Christ-centered community of friends and family are her favorite parts of the organization. "It's a blessing to be surrounded by such amazingly talented and Christ-loving rodeo athletes," Paige said.

Throughout her time spent as a member of the THSRA, Paige said she has learned quite a bit about responsibility, as well as, developed her ability to have a good mentality and positive attitude about things.

"I feel like being a member of THSRA sets me apart from other kids my age because of the responsibility that comes along with the rodeo lifestyle," Paige said. "We have to wake up extra early to feed and take care of our horses. We have to manage our time so we can get all of our stuff done in one day and keep ourselves and our horses in healthy condition; having to care for my animals and handle my school on top has taught me a ton."

Paige started homeschooling halfway through her 8th-grade year of school allowing her to dedicate her time to her studies, her horses, and her practices. She is an all-around competitor as she competes in the barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping and the cutting.

Her dedication to the sport has paid off as she has claimed multiple titles. She was the Region 6 Rookie All-Around competitor her freshmen year, national barrel racing qualifier, all around region champion her sophomore and junior years, barrel racing champion and girls' cutting champion, and the reserve state champion in the girls cutting. She has also held a handful of leadership positions as she was selected to be on Team Cinch during her junior year, and she currently serves as the Region 6 president, Ariat reporter, and the girls' cutting event director.

A fruitful resume is typically accompanied by quite a bit of hard work, and Paige is delighted with working hard and letting go of some things in the pursuit of her passions. "There isn't one thing I regret giving up to be able to rodeo," Paige said. "I gave up club sports, I gave up going to school and seeing some of my friends daily, and I have definitely sacrificed a lot of sleep to be able to do what I love."

A regular day for Paige consists of waking up at 7 in the morning, feeding her horses, cattle, and goats, going home to eat breakfast and either exercising her horses swimming them at Byler Performance Equine. She said she also sets aside an hour and a half a day to go to the gym and work out. She does school or runs errands, and then takes care of her chores around the house. She said she practices several times a week; however, her schedule varies.

In the pursuit of her passions and goals, Paige has a few though

ts she dwells on during her day to day routine. "The way I see things, you have one life to live, so just take all of the chances the Lord gives you and go for it," she said. "Don't safety up because that's when you make mistakes. Go for it, and give it your best all the time. If you fail, let it be a learning experience for you. Always grow on your mistakes and learn from it, always try and better yourself and always go for every go-round win!"

Though Paige has some wise insight on competition and life in general, she has had some inspiration along the way. "I have many people I look up to," Paige said. "One person I look up to the most, aside from my parents, would be Kimmi Byler. She is one of the most hardworking ladies I have ever met, and she pushes me to be the best I can be."

In addition to Byler, Paige wanted to thank her parents, her grandparents, and her Uncle Paul for always coming to rodeos and supporting her in her endeavors. "I couldn't do it with y'all," Paige said. It is no secret Paige has quite a bit to be proud of, yet in the midst of her accomplishments, she remains humble.

"I am so grateful to be selected as the Whatakid of the month," she said. "I have always dreamed of being a Whatakid, and I feel so honored to be chosen. I love rodeoing, I love my region and I love Whataburger so have an award like this is just the best of both worlds."

In the future, Paige said she would like to become a registered nurse and get a degree in either business, biology or forensic sciences. Until then, she will be enjoying one final year of THSRA competition. Congratulations to Paige Dawson for being chosen as the Whatakid of the month from Region 6. We wish her the best of luck as she finishes her senior year!

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