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Performance Report: Region VIII Giving Back!

One of my favorite things to do is to give back to people in need! Through THSRA, I have been able to participate in so many different community service activities each year. This year our region stepped out of the box and found a few new projects to take on! Our first community service activity included collecting all kinds of books to give to kids in a children’s shelter and to people in the local detention center. The Region VIII members really stepped up for this project! Over 300 books were collected for these two facilities! Mary Grace Bluntzer, Mckayla Berry, and Scott Myer dropped off over 250 of the books to the Ark Assessment Center and Emergency Shelter for children in Corpus Chr

Performance Report: Fast Feet

One thing that can improve a horse’s performance drastically in the rodeo arena is having a good shoeing job. Having your horse’s feet in good condition, whether they are shod or barefoot, helps ensure they are able to move correctly and well. It is important when you are thinking about having your horse’s feet done, that you choose a good farrier to get the job done. A good farrier can make a world of difference in the way your horse performs, but a less skilled farrier can worsen your horse’s performance or even injure them. Horses’ feet are an important aspect of how they move and on what level they are able to compete. Horses need to be trimmed and shaped properly in order for them to

Whataburger's Whatakid: Sterling White of Region I

Congratulations to the Whatakid of the month, Sterling White! The Happy, Texas native is a competitor in the tiedown roping and team roping in Region 1. He has been a member of the Texas High School Rodeo Association all four years of his high school career, and he competed in the junior high division three years before that. Throughout his time competing in rodeos and being a member of the THSRA, Sterling said he has learned to better manage his time and improve his self-motivation. “The rodeo atmosphere has taught me responsibility with my livestock, hard work in my events, and the value of upholding my word.” Rodeo tends to be a generational event, and for the White family it is no differ

Rodeo Coach Q&A

Top rodeo coaches give advice on what high school rodeo members need to know about college rodeo. 1. WHAT ARE THE 3 BIGGEST FACTORS A HIGH SCHOOL RODEO ATHLETE SHOULD CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING A SCHOOL WITH A RODEO PROGRAM? - Dr. Al Wagner, Texas A&M University Rodeo Coach They should consider: academics, reputation of the program, scholarship help available and the facilities. - Mark Eakin, Tarleton State University Head Rodeo Coach Find a school that they truly love, find the coaching staff that will take them to whatever level they want to go to, and find one that has a coach that will be as passionate as they are about the event they compete in. 2. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE AT YOUR SC

McCoy's Farm & Ranch Family: The Rawlinson/Mazoch Family of Region VII

Congratulations to this month’s Farm and Ranch Family, the Rawlinson’s/Mazoch’s! Clint and Dee Rawlinson and their children Emorie, Kolton, Kirby and Kuade Mazoch own and operate a few businesses including Rocking 7 Cattle, LLC; Rawlinson Cattle Company, LLC; Pyramid Cattle and IU Cattle. With so much going on, its obvious all hands must be on deck. “You could say everyone in our family and extended family has their part in this business,” Dee explained. In addition to the immediate family, Clint’s brother, Garet Rawlinson, his wife Stephanie and their two kids Carli and Layni, along with Clint and Garet’s parents Ricky and Joan Rawlinson all play a large role in running the ranch as well. O

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