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McCoy's Farm & Ranch Family: The Rawlinson/Mazoch Family of Region VII

Congratulations to this month’s Farm and Ranch Family, the Rawlinson’s/Mazoch’s! Clint and Dee Rawlinson and their children Emorie, Kolton, Kirby and Kuade Mazoch own and operate a few businesses including Rocking 7 Cattle, LLC; Rawlinson Cattle Company, LLC; Pyramid Cattle and IU Cattle. With so much going on, its obvious all hands must be on deck. “You could say everyone in our family and extended family has their part in this business,” Dee explained.

In addition to the immediate family, Clint’s brother, Garet Rawlinson, his wife Stephanie and their two kids Carli and Layni, along with Clint and Garet’s parents Ricky and Joan Rawlinson all play a large role in running the ranch as well.

On a daily basis, Ricky, Clint and Garet are responsible for the day to day labor, while Dee takes care of the books, and the rest of the family helps out wherever help is needed. The main part of their business is a cow/calf operation which spreads across many counties. The family also trades cattle and builds fence when time allows. Dee explained how the family typically does fall and spring work which turns into year round cattle work involving working and shipping cattle. “The cattle business does require you to be up and ready to work seven days a week,” the family said.

Obviously it is very important that everyone step up and do their part on a day to day basis, but its more than just getting the work done. “The ranching lifestyle is very appealing to our family because we all love to be outdoors, care for animals, see a lot of nature, and most of all we all have the opportunity to work together,” Dee said. “It also really teaches you work ethic.”

The kids in the family take on the responsibilities of feeding, doctoring and hauling cattle, shredding, baling hay and working cattle when they are not in school. Each of the kids also have a handful of their own cattle they use as an investment that goes toward secondary education. “Our family has to work very close together, and most of the time we take on more responsibility than we think we can handle to fill all of the shoes that have to be filled daily,” Dee said. However, when the family is not tending to ranch work, they say their favorite things to do are rodeo and eat!

“We not only all enjoy the sport of rodeo, but we also enjoy the closeness of rodeo friends who become rodeo family for the rest of our lives,” the family said. They also explained how the THSRA keeps their family together on the weekends aside from working in their everyday ranching environment. “We bring the work ethic along with us to the rodeo,” Dee said. “We can honestly say everyone in the family works their part or more at the rodeos, and we enjoy every minute of it!” According to Dee, their family has often been known as the Brady Bunch when they pull into the rodeo because most of the time they are hauling more kids than just their own.

While Emorie is a former THSRA contestant, Kolton competes in the tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping and is also the stock contractor for the goats this year for Region 7, Kirby competes in the the breakaway and team roping, along with Dee’s nephew, Weston Livanec, who competes in the team roping, and Carlie Rawlinson a TJHSRA competitor. Any outing to the Region VII rodeos is a family affair for the Rawlinson’s/Mazoch’s for sure.

“It would be very challenging to make it in the ranching or rodeo environment without the hard work every family member and extended family member puts into everyday life,” Dee said. “We are pretty fortunate to have family who provides when needed… It takes an entire village to make things happen and we are truly blessed by all!”

The family explained how honored they are to be selected as the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch family of the month and how thankful for they are for McCoy’s partnership with the THSRA. “We will definitely continue to work hard and hopefully continue our ranching venture for many years to come!”

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