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The Pineda Family, Region VII's McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family

Congratulations to McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of Region VII, the Pineda family, Victor and his wife, Margaret, and four-children Gideon, Woodrow, Cassidy, and Victoria. The family’s commercial cattle business has operated for the past twenty years under the name of Circle P, and is located in Caldwell, Texas.

The Pineda family was quite surprised to hear that they had been nominated for this honor since relaying the fact that they actually only own about 20 head of cattle and a small spread of property. However, their overall ranching outfit has been entrusted to care for over 3,000 acres, over 900 head of cows, and sell over 75 heard bulls a year.

Additionally, their two daughters, Cassidy and Victoria, work at Keith Weber’s ranch doing custom hay baling and tending cattle, while their two brothers, Gideon and Woodrow enjoy doing most of their cattle work at home on the range with their parents. Their father, Victor operates a farrier business, which keeps him busy year round as well.

Most importantly though, it takes everyone doing their part, from showing bulls, to the feeding of livestock, to pulling calves, and delivering hay, and of course, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Pineda’s have chosen this lifestyle because Victor and Margaret grew up this way and this is all their kids have ever known. Margaret quipped, “If you were to set all the Pineda kids in an office and require them to wear business clothes they would be lost and miserable.”

As technology remains an important part of the farming and ranching industries, the Pineda family strives to keep growing and to stay current with modern day advances; but they strongly believe it is also important to “stay true to the cowboy way of life” and not allow technology to completely take over their lifestyle, which they’re committed to preserving for their four-children and future generations.

Over the past twenty years, the Pineda’s have committed to work alongside each other, but the nature of working together as a family can be very intense at times since they never know when something will go wrong or what will cause the siblings to start squabbling among themselves - especially if the tractor or hauling truck breaks down or if any equipment malfunctions while working cattle or custom hay bailing. Yet, the girls in the family take pride in the fact, that they have been able to fix many a problem with the tractors and can repair just about anything that is tractor related.

Of course, there are always multiple projects requiring supplies and lumber for trailer floors or other day-to-day emergency maintenance needs, but unfortunately there is not a Mc Coy’s Building Supply located nearby. However, the Pineda family is certainly grateful for McCoy’s partnership with the Texas High School Rodeo Association. They also feel very honored to be selected as McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family for Region 7.

Cassidy and Victoria are active members of THSRA, and both sisters compete in breakaway roping and team roping as well as goat tying at other rodeo events. The whole family is well known for their system in the roping box and for working together to make sure everything is right and above board.

The Pineda’s laugh about the fact, that they could tell many funny stories about their ‘cowboying’ lifestyle, but they get a kick out of how Cassidy, can attract any cow or bull like a magnet and then turn the gentlest animal in the entire heard into a raging bull, while she runs and screams for her mom to come and rescue her.

The Pineda sister’s are gearing up for college and are thankful for the scholarship programs and other contributions offered through Texas High School Rodeo Association. We join in with McCoy’s Building Supply in honoring the Pineda family, as well as the many other farm and ranch families throughout the state of Texas.

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