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McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family: The Lloyd’s

Congratulations to the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch family of the month, the Lloyd’s! Cory and Brandy Lloyd, along with their four kids, Dryden, Wyatt, Mayci and Rainen own and operate the 7 Cross Farm & Ranch located in Juno, Texas.

Most farmers and ranchers would agree that what they do is more than just an occupation; it’s a way of living, and the Lloyd’s are no exception. The family business consists of ranching long hair sheep, goats and cattle; breeding, raising and training horses with 15 brood mares and their own studs; and raising kelpie dogs. They also own and operate CL Fence Construction building fence and barns all over Texas and New Mexico. The family said they are constantly bouncing back and forth between fencing and ranching every day.

On the days that consist of ranching, the family said they enjoy rounding up cattle with their dogs and horses. In fact, instead of hiring outside help, they rely on their kelpies for extra support. This way of ranching and the hours they spend in the saddle plays a big role in the success they have seen in their horse training program. “Each of us may go through two to four colts in a day when we are gathering stock at the ranch,” the family said. “Hours upon hours are put in to make outstanding horses.”

This way of life is not for the faint of heart, but it does run in Cory and Brandy’s blood. They both grew up farming and ranching, and continue to help out on each of their family’s operations. Brandy’s family farms wheat and hay, and raises sheep and cattle in Bronte, Texas; while Cory’s family farms cotton and raises sheep and cattle in Eldorado, Texas. Between the fencing and multiple ranch locations, the Lloyd’s manage to keep themselves busy. Accomplishing the amount of work they do on a daily basis definitely requires all hands on deck. Everyone in the family has a role and plays a huge part in every day operations. “It’s sun up till way past sundown,” Brandy said.

Dryden is a sophomore at Weatherford Junior College, and pitches for the baseball team. He spends most of his summers helping drive a tractor getting ready for the next crop. Wyatt, a high school sophomore and THSRA calf roper and team roper, does his home schooling for the day, and then works with the fence crew or at the ranch. Rainen is a third grader attending public school, so as soon as he gets home and finishes his homework, he heads to the barn to feed and water all of the dogs.

When the family isn’t ranching they said they love to spend their time together in the practice pen, at a high school rodeo, a baseball game or a team roping. “This is our therapy,” Brandy said. “Getting to leave the ranch to go compete is our vacation!”

The family is very familiar with McCoy’s as they built their own home using mostly supplies from McCoy’s. “Everyone in the San Angelo McCoy’s knows us by name!” Brandy said. “They are our friends, always going above and beyond in customer service and quality in their products.” The Lloyd’s said they are honored to be selected as the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of the month!

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