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Having Good Sportsmanship

When people think about sportsmanship, some think just wishing your competitors good luck is all it entails. But that’s not true, sportsmanship is so much more than that.

Having a good attitude plays a major role in being a good sport. If you have a good attitude your more likely to have a positive outlook on life which would enable you to handle the ups and downs along the way in your rodeo career and anything else you pursue – not to mention life in general.

Another important aspect of sportsmanship is being respectful. When your friend outruns you or the judge doesn’t flag your run as fast as you think it should’ve been flagged or the stock isn’t the best and you drew a bad calf or goat, are you respectful and accept the hand you were dealt or do you make rude comments and complain? If you handle the situation calmly and with grace you probably know a little about good sportsmanship – it shows that your okay with not having everything go your way, that you can accept defeat and move on to your next event and focus on doing better in that one. Yes, wishing your opponents good luck is a kind gesture but telling them congratulations even when they beat you shows that you have good sportsmanship as well as a good attitude.

Its tough to have and maintain good sportsmanship, but by having respect for others, as well as yourself, and a good attitude and outlook on life, you will always leave a good impression on everyone you meet!

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