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The Charlesworth Family, Region II's McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family

Congratulations to this month’s McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family, the Charlesworth’s! The Region II family resides in Marathon, Texas where they own and operate Charlesworth Ranch Company. Brent, Leslea, Colee (16), and Emilee’s (12) business consists of stocking; turning out yearlings in the spring and shipping out in the fall. They also provide stock for their region’s THSRA rodeos.

While Brent and Leslea both grew up in the ranching lifestyle, it was not until 16 years ago they began a business of their own. As most people who have been exposed to the ranching way of life would agree, there are a number of positive character traits and attributes that come as a result of growing up in this particular lifestyle.

“It means the world knowing my kids have a work ethic and morals,” Brent said. “They know right from wrong, they’ve seen animals being born, and they’ve seen animals die. The ranch has every life lesson there is and my girls have been experiencing these life lessons since they could walk.”

Colee and Emilee are both homeschooled allowing them to play a very large role in the family business as well as focus their time on their horses and rodeos. “The girls go with me every day,” Brent said. “They are some of my biggest help; they know exactly what they need to do whether we are moving cattle or shipping. We are always in communication as a family, and that is one of the beauties of homeschooling.” In addition to their daily chores of feeding all of the animals, their tasks range depending on the day and what needs to be done; however, their absolute favorite thing to do on the ranch is dragging calves when it comes time to work them.

While Emilee and Colee make it a priority to practice their rodeo events on a daily basis, the horsemanship skills they are able to elaborate on while they are helping on the ranch play a big part in the success they see in the arena. “They ride six to seven hours a day gathering in the pasture,” Brent said. “Those horsemanship skills, no matter what events you do, are something that needs to constantly be worked on and riding on the ranch gives them more time to better themselves.”

Colee participates in the high school division of the team roping, breakaway roping, pole bending and barrel racing, while Emilee participates in the junior high division of the team roping, breakaway roping, pole bending and barrel racing. Emilee also has a passion for trick riding and performs at a variety of PRCA rodeos across the nation. In 2015 she even got the opportunity to perform at the fifth round of competition at the National Finals Rodeo.

While business is important, Brent and Leslea strive to make the ranching lifestyle a fun environment for the girls. “When they were little, Leslea and I decided we were not going to push rodeo,” Brent said. “If they wanted to play sports or do whatever we were going to support them, but from the first time they got on horses in diapers it wasn’t an option; they were hooked.”

Though times can get hectic as a business owner, and rodeo family Brent said they are “as tight of a family as you could imagine.” And, while everyone plays a very important role in all of the operations, Brent credits his wife for being the driving force behind their success. “My wife is a rock star,” Brent said. “From hauling the girls all over, to homeschooling them, to cooking for 10-15 guys while we are working cattle in the spring and fall and then being right there horseback with us, she does it all. She is a hand, and she is the backbone of this operation.”

The family said they are very happy to be chosen as the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of the month, and they are thankful for McCoy’s partnership with the THSRA. The Charlesworth’s seem to be a textbook example of what the ranching way of life is about and very deserving of this honor. Thank you to the Charlesworth’s and the rest of the ranching families who dedicate their livelihood to playing a part in feeding the world.

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