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McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family: Region V Parsley Family

Congratulations to this month’s Farm and Ranch Family, the Parsleys! Jeff and Carrie have three children, Jordan (22), Emorie (18) and Cooper (16). The Parsley’s are self-employed and have owned their business, Jeff Parsley Plant Farm, LLC since 2007. They also have a small beef cattle operation.

The Parsleys have been in the plant business for around 22 years. For the first 8 years, Jeff was the manager of his parents’ plant farm. Eventually, Jeff and Carrie started their own business which is located in New Summerfield, Texas (Region Five).

They are a wholesale grower/supplier selling to farmers markets, produce stands, landscape companies and a few small chain stores. They sell a spring crop of various bedding plants and ferns and a fall crop of garden mums. Although the plant industry is seasonal, the production process in ongoing. The daily obligation consists of making sure the plants are growing properly and on schedule without contracting disease or fungus in the root system. “It is a daily checking the plants, making sure that everything is growing properly and getting them ready for the finishing out process,” Carrie said.

Jeff stays busy managing the employees and running the nursery while Carrie runs the office. Cooper and Emorie help out when needed as well. Carrie explained that the kids don’t have specific tasks for the day to day work but “whenever and wherever they are needed, they are there.”

Both Jeff and Carrie were raised in the farming and ranching lifestyle, making it an easy choice when deciding to raise their kids the same way. Jeff grew up on a dairy farm, while Carrie was raised on a ranch with a small cattle operation. “Neither of our families lived the 8 to 5 lifestyle,” Carrie said. “They went to work when the sun came up, or before, and didn’t come in until the work was done.”

Carrie explained that all three of her kids were involved in 4H from the time they were old enough to walk in the show ring up until they started youth rodeo. Both organizations are very time consuming and require much attention so when the kids were given the option, they chose Rodeo! She hopes that her children value the responsibilities that they were given at such an early age in hopes that they pass it on to their own kids one day. Carrie also commented on the farming lifestyle: “As of right now, I know it’s not the coolest nor the most fun thing for them to be doing, but they know that it’s what keeps our family going and allows us and them to live the life that we do,” Carrie said.

When they aren’t working, the family loves to rodeo. While Jordan previously competed in THSRA, both Emorie and Cooper currently compete. Emorie does barrels and poles and Cooper team ropes. “That’s what we have been doing for 15 years,” Carrie said. “Through the years we have met so many people and call them our extended family.” They love everything about rodeo from the kids and people they meet to the sport itself.

In fact, Jeff served as the Region V Jr High President for 3 years and is currently in his third year as the Region V President for High School.

The Parsleys are honored to be named this month’s McCoys Farm and Ranch Family! “We felt very privileged and honored that somebody had recognized us,” Carrie said.

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