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Whataburger's Whatakid: Trevor Hale

Congratulations to this month’s Whatakid, Trevor Hale! This impressive seventeen-year-old junior from Perryton, TX has taken home win after win and is eager for more. He competes in calf roping, team roping and working cow horse.

Trevor rides two different horses. He has had Lippy, his cow horse, for around four years. Lippy and him are the perfect duo as he has won both the Texas State Finals and the World’s Greatest Horseman on her. His roping horse, Hammer, is a newer edition. Trevor has only been riding him for two years but, “I have had a lot of luck with him. We get along really well,” Trevor said.

“You can accomplish a lot having connections with your horses. Continuing to better them and better yourself is always a good feeling. You feel like you have really accomplished something,” Trevor said. Trevor owes a lot of his success to his horses and believes that they make him better.

Rodeo has always been a major part of Trevor’s life, as he has been involved with rodeo since he was five years old. “I love the people and the sport. It is just one big family,” Trevor said.

Trevor has accomplished a lot already in the world of rodeo and he is only seventeen! He is most proud of his recent win at the Texas State Finals and his win in calf roping at the International Finals Youth Rodeo in Shawnee, OK. He has also won ten AQHYA world championships, which is more than anyone else has ever done. “I have a lot of special wins, but I can’t say one sticks out to me more than another,” Trevor said.

However, all these wins don’t come without practice. Trevor clocks many hours in the arena to help him achieve his dreams. “I am giving up my time and lots of different things to continue pursuing my goals, but it is definitely worth it,” Trevor said.

Trevor used to attend public school but made the switch to be homeschooled four years ago. He is currently homeschooled through Grace Christian Academy so he can spend more time doing what he loves: ranching and rodeo. When asked what his favorite subject was, he laughed and jokingly replied with recess before explaining that he really enjoys history.

Other than schoolwork, Trevor spends his time on the ranch. “When I am home, I do lots of ranch work and things like that. I also spend a lot of time practicing in the arena. Between roping and working there isn’t really much else to do,” Trevor said. He also really enjoys training horses, which he does every single day. He believes that “you can make anything fun” and has a good time in everything he does.

When asked about someone he admires and looks up to, Trevor responded with, “That’s a tough one. I have had help from many people and have had lots of people influence my life. You would have to have a list with about 20 to 30 names on it.” He feels extremely grateful for everyone who has poured into him and helped him achieve his goals.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance,” a phrase known as the Five P’s, is a saying Trevor always has in the back of his mind. Laird Burke, someone who helps Trevor with his horses, told him that one day and it stuck with him. This helps him every day as it makes him realize the work he has to put in to achieve his goals.

Since Trevor is only a junior, he has just begun to look at colleges. However, he does hope to continue to rodeo in the future and will probably pursue a ranch management program. For now, he is “continuing to become a better roper. I want to continue to be successful and head in the right direction,” Trevor said.

Trevor feels honored to be chosen as this month’s Whatakid! It is a great feeling because it shows that all of his hard work has paid off.

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