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Whataburger's Whatakid: Colee Charlesworth

Congratulations to the Whataburger Whatakid of the month, Colee Charlesworth! The Marathon, Texas native is a senior in high school and a Region 2 member. She is a competitor in the reined cow horse, barrel racing, pole bending and team roping events, and has been a competitor in the THSRA all four years of her high school career. Before that, she was a member of the junior high division. Colee said she loves the competition high school rodeo brings, but more than anything, she loves the lifelong friendships she has been able to gain through THSRA.

If you have ever competed in rodeo, or been involved with the sport at all, you know that character building opportunities are weaved into every aspect from the practice pen to the rodeo arena and every step in between. Colee said she has gained a few character traits throughout her time as a THSRA member that will help her find success beyond the arena. “I believe a good work ethic and

attitude are two things you need to go far in the arena and in life,” Colee said. And both are things she has been able to build through rodeo.

However, Colee hasn’t learned these lessons solo. She has three equine partners who have helped play a part in her character building; Betsy, Bolt and Cheech. “I think kids who are around animals every day have more respect for life, are more responsible and are more compassionate towards others,” Colee said. While the rest of us in the western world might be bias, we can’t say we disagree.

Colee’s days typically consist of feeding all of the animals, eating breakfast, doing her school work, practicing for rodeos, helping out around the ranch, and then feeding in the afternoon. While ranch work, animal care and rodeo practice take up quite a bit of time, Colee said “it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice at all.”

Throughout her time in THSRA, Colee has qualified for the National High School Finals Rodeo twice in the reined cow horse event and has served as the student president for Region 2. Her time spent at the family ranch, as well as her time dedicated to improving her skills in the reined cow horse event has helped her decide on pursuing a career in the cow horse industry upon graduation.

Colee said she is honored to be selected as the Whatakid of the month for Region 2. She also mentioned how she is especially thankful for her parents and all they have done to help her get to where she is today. “It feels pretty special to be chosen from such an amazing group,” Colee said. We wish all the best for Colee in all of her future endeavors and the best of luck throughout this rodeo season!

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