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Whataburger's Whatakid! Mackenzie Bryce.

Over the years region secretaries have the privilege of watching high school rodeo members as they grow up. They see them in countless “pressure” situations and get to know them outside of the arena as well. Region VIII’s secretary, Celina Fetty, wrote the following article about why they chose their Whatakid, Mackenzie Bryce.

Mackenzie is one of those young ladies that goes above and beyond no matter what she is faced with. She is always willing to jump in help anyone no matter what the outcome might be. Mackenzie is the kind of young lady that exemplifies and embodies that of a true role model. She has great leadership skills that have allowed her to be confident yet humble in any environment. She is one of the most hard working young ladies I have had the pleasure of working with. She is honest, respectful, poliet, and dependable.

When she is in the arena or out of the arena you will always find Mackenzie working. She is extremely dedicated to making sure her animals are always taken care of. Mackenzie has always taken a personal stake in each and every horse she rides. Mackenzie can often be found in the rodeo office as well. On countless occasions she has helped in our region rodeo office behind the desk and running errands when something is needed.

In life we all have bad days, some more than others. No matter the situation going on in any particular day you will never see Mackenzie respond mean or dismissive. This young lady can brighten a room with her smile. She has the kindest heart and always encourages and supports the other competitors around her. On many occasions I have witnessed Mackenzie mentor some of the younger girls and cheer for them as they make their runs. She is a true asset to any organization.

Scholastically, Mackenzie is an amazing student. She takes her classes seriously and has always strived to do her very best in each class. She takes her future very seriously and is working hard to achieve all her goals in life with hard work and a strong belief in Christ. Mackenzie is an A Honor Roll student and is strong, resilient, dedicated, hard working, loyal, and supportive young lady. I would be very proud to call her my own and to have her mentor any young girl with no doubt in my mind that they will only thrive under her guidance.

Mackenzie is currently employed at FitHorse by Equatics Fitness Center in Kingsville, Texas and swims and conditions horses everyday. She has been riding the derby horses for the last 6 months or so.

Mackenzie single handley organized a Hurricane Harvey relief fund for those in need. The relief came from several communities and and spanned several counties in South Texas. When you ask her why her response is simple “She just felt like she needed to do something for those who suffered loss”. Mackenzie also reached out to our NHSRA families and with their help were able to help a family in Region VIII who had significant damage to their home.

When Mackenzie is not helping at the pool you can find her processing and feeding cattle. Mackenzie can sort and load a truck with cattle better than most men.

If you ask her what some of her favorite childhood memories are she would probably say learning to count by counting cattle.

Mackenzie is truly an amazing young lady and embodies that of a Whatakid!

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