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Miss THSRA 2018 Aubrie Fields

It doesn’t seem real that half a year of my get to talk to people about reign as miss THSRA is coming to an end. It has been some of the most fun months I have had. I want to take this time to tell many of the members about the National High School Finals Rodeo and how it has impacted me. While I was en route to Rock Springs I met many people from California to New York. I was so excited to get to talk to people about what the big banner on my trailer meant and where I was going. When I arrived at the grounds and got checked in I was met by many of my state queen friends. The entire week was one like none other. I was so exhaust- ed, but I would do it again in heartbeat. In just a week I made connec- tions with spon-sors, college age rodeo kids and people across the United States and even a few Australians and Canadians. I did not leave with the title, but I am proud to say that I was 5th place and was a part of the National Team Winners!! After I got home, I did not get a break by any means. Within days I was riding in parades and going to rodeos. There is no other way I would have rather spent my summer than representing such a great rodeo association. Through the week I was awarded close to $2000 in scholarships that I have already began taking advantage of in paying for dual credit courses.

I say all these things to not only inform people of the duties of the Texas High School Rodeo Queen, but also to show girls that being a rodeo queen is more fun than work. I would encourage any girl who loves rodeo and advocating for something they love while still getting to be a cowgirl to consider entering the Miss THSRA pageant. Packets are available now and are easily accessed through the website or your region secretary. Don’t forget to follow me through my journey by following misstexashsrodeo on instagram and on facebook as well! I am extremely lucky to represent y’all and God bless.

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