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McCoys' Farm and Ranch Family: the Allbritton's

Congratulations to the Allbritton’s, the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch family of the month! Lisa and Nathan Allbritton, and their son, Kade Maroney, own and operate 2,400 acres near Mansfield, Louisiana, where their home place is; 2,000 acres in Cloutierville, Louisiana; and 15,000 acres in Colorado. They own roughly 1,500 mama cows (not counting bulls and calves) and 12 horses. “We have four full-time employees working for us along with Nathan, Kade and myself,” Lisa said.

While no family members work a 9-5 job, they get their fair share of work with extended hours. “We work sunup to sundown,” Lisa said.

All of the ranch tasks are a team effort as no person working on the ranch has one particular job. “We all chip in and get the work done,” Lisa said. “There may be days when Kade has to go to the bank and grocery store or roll hay and then haul the hay that night, and same goes for Nathan and myself.”

Kade is currently an A/B honor roll senior attending a high school co-op with five other seniors. He has a passion for the roping events and as long as he continues to love it, Lisa said they will continue to make time for the sport and support him.

Kade competes in the tie down roping, team roping and cutting events at Region V. “We love rodeo weekends,” the family said. “It gives our family a chance to slow down, catch our breath from the work that's at home waiting on us, and we get to enjoy the rodeo families we've come to love over the years in Region V.

In addition to rodeo, Kade has been showing since 5th grade. Lisa explained how he has shown commercial dairy cows, pigs and commercial heifers throughout the years and developed an interest in riding since he was able to walk. According to Lisa, Kade’s love for the ranch life came at a very young age. Over the years Kade has acquired horses, cattle and cow dogs that he's bought himself with the money he earns or has won at jackpot ropings.

“One thing I'd like to add about Kade is, Nathan or I do not pay for Kade to jackpot rope,” Lisa said. “If he wants to rope, then he works for his fees or he wins money from the last roping he attended to pay for the next roping. Kade has accomplished quite a bit in his years of team roping, and we are super proud of him…” The family explained how honored they feel to be selected as the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of the Month, “It's an honor to be selected as the McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family of the month,” Lisa said. “I'm not sure we deserve the title because so many other families fit the bill, but we are honored nonetheless.”

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