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McCoys' Farm and Ranch Family: The Stewart Family

Kevin, Ember, Tegan and Sterling Stewart all own and work on their family ranch, Casa Roja Ranch, located in Glenn Rose, Texas. The Stewart ranch has been in business training horses for the last 20 years and continues to train team roping and barrel racing horses to this day!

The ranch began as a family affair as Kevin grew up competing in team roping and met his wife, Ember, while competing at Nationals. Kevin competed 11 times at Nationals, and knew the rodeo lifestyle was what he wanted to pursue as a career. Kevin and Ember have been working with teams who want to succeed in team roping and barrel racing at their ranch, Casa Roja, for 20 years and Kevin has been teaching lessons for the past 30 years!

The family is responsible for 18 horses and own 263 acres of land for training horses in preparation for competitions. Working together as a family in order to ensure their livelihood has taught the Stewarts’s how to rely on each other’s strengths, which has allowed their ranch to continue to succeed year after year. Kevin and Ember work together to make sure their horses are in the best condition to compete. Kevin will go up to the barrel racing barn to rope and ride the barrel horses, while Ember has a keen eye for horses and helps Kevin pick out issues he might be having with the roping horses.

Tegan and Sterling both compete in rodeos around Texas. Tegan, 16, competes in team roping, while Sterling, 8, competes in barrel racing. Tegan will help train and ride horses alongside his parents in the summer, as he likes to see the progress of the family horses. Sterling loves to ride barrels with her mom, and has good timing with her horses. As her dad affectionately says, “She’s 8, and she’s not afraid of anything. She just goes and goes and goes.”

Owning and operating a family business is difficult, yet the Stewarts’s make it look easy. They even make time to go to Top Golf as a family, which they all really enjoy because they are pretty competitive with each other. While training and competing tends to dominate the Stewart’s time, they love taking time to be together when they can. Plus, the rodeo lifestyle is for them as they love spending time being a part of THSRA and TJHRA. As Kevin said, “I enjoy it because I feel like I’m giving back to what has given me the life I have of rodeoing and horses. It keeps us busy working rodeos on the weekends, but I enjoy it because I’m giving back to the rodeo community.”

Congratulations Stewart family on being chosen as the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of the Month!

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