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Bloomer Trailers Helps Raise Big Bucks for Texas High School/ Junior High Rodeo

With a passion to continually improve the Texas High School and Junior High Rodeo Association, Bloomer Trailers and THSRA/TJHRA are excited to announce that the Bloomer sponsorship raised $192,000 during the 2018-2019 rodeo season. The money was raised through the Bloomer Trailer Giveaway Program in which members received $50 donations from donors for a chance to win one of two Bloomer Trailers that were given away at the state finals this past June.

In 2017, Bloomer Trailers hit a milestone, officially becoming a $1 million dollar sponsor, this year that total has grown to a total of $1,264,950 raised over the past nine years with the Bloomer Trailer Giveaway Program.

Randy Bloomer, Owner of Bloomer Trailers said, “THSRA /TJHRA is a great organization, that is committed to providing the very best opportunities to their rodeo athletes. We are excited to support them again in the 2018-2019 rodeo season with the Bloomer Trailer Giveaway.”

Holly DeLaune, THSRA Marketing Director said, “One hundred percent of all proceeds raised by the Bloomer Trailer program stay within the organization, with a majority staying at the local level (within the Region that sells them). Bloomer dollars help fund added money at the finals, scholarships, special events, awards and much more. It has given our organization a chance to do more for our athletes and we can’t thank the Bloomers enough for standing behind our organization.”

Those interested in purchasing a Bloomer Trailer ticket can contact the THSRA main office at (936) 590-4447 or purchase directly from a THSRA/TJHRA member.

The Texas High School Rodeo Association is a 501-C non-profit organization that is the largest, most prestigious state junior high and high school rodeo association in the nation. When you get involved with THSRA and TJHRA, you are supporting family values, dedicated young people and scholarships, and we are so thankful for Bloomer Trailers assistance in that, and the sponsorship they so graciously provide year after year.

For more information about Bloomer Trailers, visit www.BloomerTrailers.comand

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