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The Walker Family, Region I's McCoy's Farm and Ranch Family

Congratulations to the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of the month, the Walker’s. Chad, Darlene, Chance and Gracen, a Texas High School Rodeo Organization competitor, own and operate the Walker Ranch located in Canadian, Texas.

The Walker’s moved to the family ranch in 2005; however, before then they had leased a portion of the ranch and managed the remainder of it. The family runs a cow/calf operation consisting of both beef cattle and Corrientes. They also sell roping steers and recently, Chad started stockmanship consulting in feed yards. Chad manages both of his family’s ranches in addition to the Walker’s operation, while Darlene serves as the secondary school counselor for Canadian ISD, Chance takes care of the cattle in the Shamrock and Quail areas, and Gracen is involved with everything from feeding and gathering cattle to taking care of horses when she is not in school. Gracen also runs a feed route when Chad is out of town consulting. On a daily basis it takes quite a bit of organization and teamwork to ensure all of the day to day tasks get accomplished.

Though the majority of the ranch and a portion of the cattle were lost in the wildfires that came through this past March, the Walker’s are in the process of rebuilding their herd. On a typical year the family runs close to 750 cows. “It is vital for everyone to do their part,” the family said. “Without everyone pitching in things go undone.”

Both of the Walker kids are responsible for feeding cattle, caring for horses, helping with spring and fall works and of course, the general ranch work. Each of them also run their own small Corrientes herd.

Chance, 23, graduated with an agribusiness degree from Oklahoma State University, as well as, the Texas Christian University Ranch Management Program. He currently has a herd of his own cattle he manages in addition to the work he does on the family ranch.

Gracen, 17, is currently a senior at Canadian high school and competes in the breakaway roping, pole bending and reining cow horse events in the THSRA. If she is not in school or helping on the ranch, she spends majority of her time practicing for rodeos. “She decided to give up cheerleading this year in order to devote more time to practice,” Darlene said. The family’s team oriented ethics carry over into the rodeo arena as Chad, Chance or Darlene turn calves out for her each afternoon.

When the family is not on the ranch they said they enjoy going to the high school rodeos because of the great family environment and all of the great people they have met through the organization. They also enjoy travelling when the opportunity arises.

Though there are not very many McCoy’s located in the very top of the Texas Panhandle, the family said they are thankful for McCoy’s partnership with the THSRA, and they are honored to have been chosen as the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of the month. “It is truly an unexpected and wonderful surprise,” the family said.

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