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Whataburger's Whatakid: Saige Sealy of Region X

Congratulations to the Whatakid of the month, Saige Sealy! The Region X freshmen resides in San Saba, Texas and is a competitor in the barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway roping, goat tying and team roping. The all around cowgirl is passionate about the sport; however, she doesn’t have a favorite event. “Each event is unique and each event presents a different challenge,” Saige said.

While this is her first year as a member of the THSRA, she competed in the Junior High Division three years. Throughout the time she has spent in this organization she said she has learned how to cope with different obstacles and overcome adversities due to the maturity rodeo has helped her develop. Her favorite part of the organization is the friends she has made and the opportunity to rodeo with some of the best competitors in the nation.

As a national qualifier, Saige seems pretty knowledgeable on the caliber of competition, and what exactly it takes to make it to the top. In 2016, Saige qualified for Junior High National Finals in the pole bending and the breakaway roping, and she qualified for the short round on the state level in the barrel racing and team roping.

While talent and hard work make up a large percentage of the success we see in the rodeo arena, our equine athletes have an equal amount of importance. Saige discussed her three main men, Okie, Boudro and Chester. Okie is Saige’s barrel racing and pole bending horse, Boudro is her goat tying and backup breakaway horse, and Chester is her main breakaway horse.

With great success comes great sacrifice, and sometimes that includes extracurricular activities. Saige said she has sacrificed all school sports so she can focus on working with her horses. On a daily basis Saige spends her time feeding and exercising her horses, roping the dummy, finishing school work, roping, and repeating the process the next day. Though rodeo can be hard work at times, the success, and the fun that is had in the process makes everything worthwhile.

In the future, Saige plans to become a horse chiropractor, rodeo and train horses for a living. Saige said she is honored to be chosen as the Whatakid of the month, and she is so thankful for Whataburger’s partnership with the THSRA.

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