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Prospective Miss THSRA Contestants

I am so very excited to be the interim Queen Coordinator for 2017. I am looking forward to an exciting year and awesome contest! Coming in at this point of the year, I am making a few changes which I hope will benefit you as a contestant and the program as a whole.

The first change is that there will NOT be a qualifying contest in December. Instead, we will be having a clinic January 28-29. This will eliminate the need for a wardrobe this early in the year and give each of you a chance to have all your questions answered. I will have the location finalized in a few weeks. But at this time, I am looking at Waco. You will be expected to be in dress code for the clinic, but will not need a dress or anything leather. Jeans, long sleeve shirts, hat and boots will be the dress for the weekend. My objective is for every contestant to have the same opportunity to have all your questions answered and receive all the information to help you be as competitive as possible for the contest in June. I hope to have several former Miss THSRA and NHSRA Queens at the clinic to give you tips and advice on being your best.

We will have a raffle. I am getting that nailed down and should have the details and tickets ready to send out by the end of December. I am also thinking about having the contestants from each region to collaborate on a region basket to auction during the contest as well.

I would like to have your request for an entry packet and have them mailed to you no later than December 15. Entries for state will be due February 1, 2017. Once your entry form is received, I will mail your contestant packet with all deadlines, schedule and other information you will need to be ready for state.

Again, I am so very excited for the year ahead. I look forward to meeting and working with each one of you. I will be available to assist you in any way I can. My every day job is as an elected official of the county. An elected official’s priority is “transparency”. This is the way I intend to run the Miss THSRA contest. I don’t want there to be any questions about any portion of the contest. So if you have ever thought you might want to run for Miss THSRA – this is the year! Let’s do this!!

You may contact me at the following numbers:

Home – 936-590-9126

Cell – 936-590-1855 (at night, please use home #)

Work – 936-598-3581

Mailing address – 4017 State Highway 7E Center, TX 75935


Ann Blackwell

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