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What-a-Kid: Riley Webb

Congratulations to this months What-A-Kid, Riley Webb! This region 10 junior has been swinging a rope ever since he started to walk and roped his first calf when he was just six years old. Riley has sure figured some things out since then, in the 2020 season alone Riley qualified for the for the Americans Finalist, the WCRA Stampede at the E Champion, was the Texas High School Reserve State Tiedown Champion, and even made region 10 and Team Texas look good at the National High School Finials by winning the tiedown roping world Title!

Riley has been tiedown roping as a member of both THSRA and TJHRA. One person that Riley said has helped him a lot in his career is Clint Cooper, “ Clint really helped me when I was just getting my start by making sure I was doing all of the basic flanking and tying the right way and he even helped me find my first good horse.”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the big or small rodeos for Riley, he stated “I treat them all the same, go back to the fundamentals and run a few practice runs to make insure my tack and horse are ready. I make sure I feel confident in what I have practiced for and just go do what I do best.”) Throughout the many long years of rodeoing, Riley has learned many lessons including that things do not always go your way but when the don’t you have to keep your head up and keep working hard. He also said (“taking care of your responsibilities is the first thing you do before doing anything else.” with always being on the road going to rodeo after rode Riley has to overcome all of the late nights and early morning that often run together.

With the late nights and early mornings, you can bet that there are even longer days that come to follow, but Riley stated, “You just have to remember why you are there and push through it and focus on what drives you.” As much as Riley is on the road it is extremely hard to ever be home with his family and friends for a long amount of time. So, when he does have time off that is exactly what he likes to do, spend time with his family and friends.


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