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Whataburger's Whatakid: Emery Mask

Congratulations to our THSRA Whatakid of the month, Emery Grace Mask! This Amarillo, Texas senior competes at region one in the barrel racing, pole bending and breakaway roping events. She has been a member of Texas High School Rodeo Association all four years of her high school career, and plans to continue rodeing on the college and professional levels once she graduates.

Throughout her time as a THSRA member, Emery said the lessons she has learned from THSRA have played a large role in the person she is today. “I’ve developed leadership skills, good sportsmanship, responsibility, courage, and so many other amazing traits,” Emery explained. Besides the life lessons that accompany the time spent in the rodeo arena, Emery said her favorite part about THSRA is the healthy competition that has pushed her into becoming a stronger athlete.

“Being in rodeo my whole life sets me apart from other people my age because I was taught from a young age what it means to work hard and give everything your all,” Emery said. “I feel like students who don’t rodeo realize these things much much later in life than rodeo kids do.”

Rodeo can’t take all the credit for the person Emery is though. Success in the arena is typically accompanied with a strong support system. For Emery, her biggest supporters happen to double as her heroes.

“My heroes are definitely my parents,” Emery said. “My mom and dad are the most hard working, strong, and dedicated people that I have ever met in my life, and I hope to obtain all of those admirable traits throughout my lifetime.”

Emery also explained how she looks up to Haily Kinsel. “She is so grounded in her faith, and she uses her platform to do amazing things such as the We Can Help Campaign and to serve God.”

Emery even has had first hand experience with the We can Help Campaign as she was selected as a team leader for the 2018 campaign. For her part, Emery chose the Grace Loncar Foundation which aids in spreading awareness about mental health, and supporting those who are struggling with mental illnesses. Additionally, this foundation initiates school programs created to aid teenagers who are struggling with mental illness to find the appropriate help. With the money raised throughout the We can Help Campaign, the team was able to fund a new school program and work toward breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

When Emery isn’t rodeoing, practicing for a rodeo, or giving back to the community, she finds ways to stay busy. She has an impressive list of hobbies, as she enjoys painting, drawing, leatherwork, “and pretty much any other creative outlet.” She also has a jewelry business called E.G. Jewelry, and enjoys reading, writing and watching movies.

She said she is honored to be selected as the Whatakid of the month. “To be selected as region one’s Whatakid of the month is pretty special,” Emery said. “It’s an honor to think that out of all of the athletes they could have picked, they chose me.”

In the future, Emery said she plans to continue her rodeo and educational career at college and pursue a degree in communications. While she isn’t 100 percent positive on where she wants to take her career, she is confident in what she wants to achieve. “Overall I want to accomplish the goals that I have set for myself and do amazing things to make the world a better place.” She also works to liver her life by Psalms 46:5, “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved.” Congratulations to our Whatakid of the Month, Emery Mask! We wish the best of luck to Emery in all of her future endeavors.

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