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McCoy's Farm & Ranch Family: The Kennedys!

McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family - The Kennedy’s | Region 2

Congratulations to McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of the Month, the Kennedy’s! BJ and Brandi, along with their three kids, Bristan, Brecklyn, and Brolin make up the team at Kennedy Farms near Levelland, Texas.

The family has been cotton farming for the past 25 years in West Texas. From planting seed, watering and spraying crops, and harvesting, the family said it is crucial for everyone to do their part in running things.

“It’s a constant running from this farm to that farm to make sure everyone has what they need,” Brandi said. “It’s also super important for the kids to do their part in tending to the horses and other animals.” While BJ is considered the main operator of the farm, the success of the family business is very much a team effort. “It’s key for everyone to do their part,” the family said. “We all work together to make sure deadlines are met.”

In addition to tending to farm chores, the Kennedy kids exercise their horses and practice for rodeos each day. Bristan is the oldest sibling and is currently a member of the Texas Tech rodeo team. Brecklyn is the middle child and a member of the THSRA competing in the barrel racing and breakaway roping, and Brolin is the youngest brother.

“Rodeo is a huge part of our lives,” Brandi said. “We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our years in THSRA, and we love that we get to do it all as a family.”

Between farming and rodeoing, it’s safe to say the Kennedy’s spend quite a bit of time together. When the family isn’t tending to the farm, practicing for a rodeo or competing at a rodeo, they said they love to travel together, get out on their back patio to swim, and enjoy anything outdoors together.

While there isn’t a McCoy’s in their hometown, the Kennedy’s said they shop there whenever they are near one. “Everything we do requires McCoy’s,” Brandi explained. From building fence to working on equipment, and everything in between, McCoy’s carries the materials they need.

“We consider it a great honor to have been selected as the McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Family of the Month,” the Kennedy's said. “We believe McCoy’s is a business that holds great value in family, God, and a strong work ethic; we are very blessed to be a part.”

Congratulations to the Kennedy family!

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